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Jerry Lane

Hello and welcome to Jerry Lane Studio. I'm Jerry Lane (in case you hadn't guessed), a photographer, musician, filmmaker and blogger. I have a passion for nature, landscapes, capturing the beautiful in the mundane, and an ever growing intrigue towards portraiture. Born and raised by the coast, I have always felt a sense of wonder about the ocean, the power of nature, and the natural beauty of the world. A musician for over 10 years, I am available for scoring to picture work and collaboration on music projects. Previously, I ran a youth music project with the KDYS in Listowel, Co. Kerry. A love for photography and still images led to an interest in moving images, which developed into working on short films and other film projects to date. Jerry Lane Studio serves as a home for projects undertaken to date, updates on ongoing projects, blogs, and much, much more. 

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What I Do


Photo | Music | Film | Websites 

As an artist, I find the most joy in the creative process. From music, to photography, and film, each brings a different approach and discipline. Recently, I have undertaken work on some web based projects, including a website for the hugely popular local band, Flog The Dog. 


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